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Meet Rachy

Emotions Mastery Coach & TEB Practitioner.

I have embraced a career in the helping profession because it resonates deeply with my passion and aligns with my authentic self.
Rather than viewing it as a job, it feels like a personal mission to assist others in realizing their true selves. Transitioning from a challenging period in my life to one filled with genuine illumination has instilled in me a profound sense of purpose – to illuminate the path for those navigating their own darkness.

My journey from profound darkness to genuine radiance has opened me to my light, which I now want to shine onto others, until they find their own. Each of us has light inside, including joy, freedom, peace and love. But we can't access it when we're covered in wounds and trauma and we're operating under so much stress.

Drawing from my own experiences, I am dedicated to supporting individuals as they navigate their unique struggles and journey to self-discovery. The transformative process of healing facilitates the emergence of our authentic selves, allowing us to grow into the full expression of our uniqueness.

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Just a bit more about my approaches:

My coaching approach is deeply influenced by my exploration of emotional healing through the spiritual lenses of Kabbalah and Chassidus. Each session is approached intuitively, drawing from a diverse toolbox that includes modalities such as psychodrama, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Transforming Touch, meditation, Breathwork, yoga, and more.

My fundamental belief is rooted in the conviction that every individual is inherently whole and possesses an innate capacity for healing. Although obscured by layers of trauma, wounds, and negative beliefs, this intrinsic wholeness can be accessed, and it is my role to guide clients toward the space of clear divine consciousness.

Recognizing that our bodies somatically retain traumas and fears, I guide clients through inner work to facilitate a transformative shift toward the possibilities of wholeness. Witnessing the emergence of hope and faith after each session is a source of profound fulfillment for me. I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to this transformative journey.

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