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Healthy living
is within reach.

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Meet Rachy:

Emotions Mastery Coach & TEB Practitioner

Hi!! I'm Rachy and I offer unique strategies to help you master your emotions and achieve emotional wellbeing.

Whether you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, emotional or relationship challenges, I can help you master them.

Check my About page to
learn more about me and my offerings.

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What I Specialize In:

Offering Space, Reflection, Structure

Eating Habits

Helping adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Relationship Goals

Mastering Emotions

Hammock in Nature

The Journey Towards Health
begins on the path of Self Love...
Begin Your Journey Today.


I am a new person after each session Every penny spent was the best investment I ever made. You should also feel great from all your achievements. I know you know it better then me but I still owe it to you to say it and thank you and appreciate it.

- MF

little did I know that not only did I see changes happen, but the transformation was from week to week to levels I could never imagine I can reach, or would ever achieve. we are steadily and constantly reaching new goals!

- CS

I am really amazed at your exceptional skills and even more how you are so well in giving it over to another individual. It's one thing to own these values, but way harder to plant them into another brain and body and doing it so amazingly that it fits like a glove :)

- BG

Let’s Connect:

Innitial Consultation
⋅ 20 Minutes
⋅ No Charge
Immersive Healing Session
⋅ 1 Hour
⋅ $250
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